There is Hope (ft. Hekima)

from by Abraham Mwinda



There is Hope - Written by Abraham Mwinda and Hekima Ndeemeya

Verse 1
Its Still fresh in my brain I was nine years old
When we slept in the streets in the night so cold
I Prayed to God for a better day to come quick
Mama said never give up never call quit
God's got a plan God still cares
I know it's hard to understand and believe he's still there
When it feels like the world is crushing down on us
There's a reason for the season and it ain't gonna last
No matter the pain his Grace is enough
Someday we'll look back and we'll laugh
With the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains
In the desert watch the waters come rising from the fountains
because God is able ain't nothing he can't do
He can work miracles , in his timing he'll through
Fast forward, so many years have passed
I can tell you for sure, he answered much more than we asked

There is Hope
As long as you're alive and you trust in God

Verse 2
I used to be the kid who wished he disappeared/
If that was the only way I'd be free from the fear/
The pain and misery yeah I've had my share/
Believe them when they tell you there's power in prayer/
Because Without God's grace man, I wouldn't be here/
I was hopeless he changed my atmosphere/
Gave me a new song now I dance to a different beat/
never felt so alive cruising down the streets/
There's a light, at the end of the tunnel/
Weeping endures for the night , joy comes in the morning/
Hold tight, stand firm in the promise/
He's alive, even when it don't seem in the moment

Mungu ni mwaminifu, ahadi zake hazibadiliki
yeye ni mwanzo mwisho, jana leo hata milele
na tukimuita, yeye anaitika
anasema njooni nyote
wenye mizigo ntawapumzisha


from DREAMER, released January 2, 2017
Written and Performed by Abraham Mwinda & Hekima Ndeemeya
Produced by Carson Childers and Hekima Ndeemeya



all rights reserved


Abraham Mwinda Lexington, Kentucky

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