Keep Moving

from by Abraham Mwinda



Keep moving: Written by Abraham Mwinda

Verse 1
I'm hearing voices in my head they're pulling me back/
they're telling me you cannot do this you cannot do that/
they're telling you'll never be this you'll never be that/ no matter how hard you try you'll never be good enough/
I've got dreams of a beautiful life/
couple of beautiful kids and a beautiful wife/
some peace of mind and some real friends too/
by the grace of God I’ll conquer the struggles down in the hood/
finally in my life I see the sunshine/ I work hard and pray to God I'll see my son-shine/
more than I did back when I was a kid/ struggling to breath struggling to live/ without food on the table no TV no cable/
guess We’ll sleep in the dark tonight coz we got no money for the candle/
20 plus years and I've been through much/
I thank God cause it could've been worse

As long as the sun comes up and I still have breath in my lungs,
I know there's hope/
no matter mountains high and valley lows, said i'll never give up/
if I can't fly i'll walk/ and if I can't walk i'll crawl/
but I'm going to keep on moving, no-matter what keep on moving

Verse 2
See I am fundamentally an optimist/
but I too sometimes find it hard to stay positive/
when troubles came my way and hardships fill my day/
but I know when I go down on my knees/
'll find the strength to stand and a reason to live/
everything will be okay, there will be a brighter day/
a brand new day is another chance to go and do things better. so much better/
and these troubles they're never permanent, they won't last forever, ahaha never

Verse 3
Sina Mercedes Benz lakini niko blessed/
Nina Ferrari mfukoni leo hakuna kutrek/
nimejaza keja speaker utanipata parliament/
paint my house all white; Mr president/
nagive thanks juu Ya breath/ thanks juu Ya good health
Jana nililala chini Leo Nimeamka juu ya bed/
kila kitu niko nayo no yesu amenipa, Shati trouser timber, sauti ya kuimba/
Nomatter what man minampa sifa/
na nasonga mbele hakuna kurudi nyuma
Nomatter what man minampa sifa/
na nasonga mbele hakuna kurudi nyuma, 'chekidi!'


from DREAMER, released January 2, 2017
Keep Moving
Written & Performed by Abraham Mwinda
Produced by Carson Childers & Gituamba



all rights reserved


Abraham Mwinda Lexington, Kentucky

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