Be yourself

from by Abraham Mwinda



Be Yourself
Written ^ Performed by Abraham Mwinda
Acoustic guitar by Ryan Montgomery
Produced by Jason Groves


Be yourself: Written by Abraham Mwinda

When I was a little boy my mama told me, this world is a cycle
Boy don’t you go doing people wrong, don’t you go looking for trouble
Because what goes around, comes back around
And whatever goes up must come down, down down
And all that we do under the sun
We will pay for it before, our time is done, done, done

So be quick to forgive, be quick to apologize
Before you speak, stop and think twice
Because the words of your mouth, could mean death or life
And keep your feet to the ground, don’t you be proud
And don’t live a lie; always be yourself

When I was a little boy my daddy told me, the truth will set you free
Boy don’t you go telling people lies, don’t you mess with your integrity
And life is simple, don’t you complicate
And good things come to those who wait
And patience is a virtue, don’t be in a rush
And if anybody hurt you please don’t hold a grudge


from DREAMER, released January 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Abraham Mwinda Lexington, Kentucky

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